Aluminum has many desirable qualities. It’s lightweight, corrosion resistant, electrically and thermally conductive, impermeable, non-toxic, and even recyclable. Perhaps best of all, it can be formed, cast, and machined into a variety of constructions, small and large. D&R Custom Steel, with a complete line of state of the art equipment and over 60 highly skilled and experienced employees, offers a complete line of custom aluminum fabrication.

Our custom aluminum products are featured in air and water treatment equipment and facilities, as well as in mining, material handling, and a variety of other industries. Products include bins, chutes, conveyors, ductwork, equipment, and all kinds of custom pieces. We can even handle complex fabrications including mechanical and electrical components. Every piece leaves our shop ready to use.

Our capabilities span the entire production process:

  • Plasma, laser or water-jet cutting
  • Shearing, punching, drilling
  • Rolling and forming
  • Welding and fitting
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Finishing (rubber lining, urethane lining)
  • Complete test assembly

Quality and value are hallmarks of D&R’s business and the foundation of our reputation. Clients continually return for our expertise, superior craftsmanship, and timely delivery. Our 24,000-square-foot shop is conveniently located near major Canadian transportation routes and the Canada-US border, and our skilled employees work 21 hours a day in two shifts to complete even large complex projects on schedule.

D&R Steel Aluminum Image
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