Full-Service Fabrication

D&R Custom Steel has 24,000 square feet of floor space and a full line of custom steel fabrication equipment to handle all aspects of the fabrication process. Our capabilities include plasma cutting, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, shearing, drilling, punching, tooling, rolling, forming, welding, fitting, sandblasting, glass bead blasting, painting, finishing, and complete test assembly. We work in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and a wide variety of alloys to provide the exact equipment our clients need.

Convenient Location

Just outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Pickering, Ontario, D&R Custom Steel is located within minutes of several major Canadian transportation routes and within two hours of the Canada-US border, providing access to all major North American centres by road, rail, or sea. This location also provides easy access to material suppliers, strategic partners, and a highly skilled labour force for a full-range of fast, efficient services.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

D&R Custom Steel is a full-service steel fabrication provider, and we have a full range of professional steel fabrication equipment to create quality custom pieces efficiently. Our 24,000-square-foot shop includes a 8’ X 20’ Messer combo table offering 8kW fiber laser and 300AMP high definition plasma, hydraulic ironworkers, pipe and bolt threading machines, a 400 ton CNC press brake, a hydraulic shear, column-type drilling machines, carbon arc grooving equipment, manual welding sets, semi-automatic and pulse MIG welding machines, angle rollers, a deburring machine, 3 sizes of plate rolls, sandblasting and spray painting equipment, a wide variety of specialty metalworking tools, two 5-ton capacity forklifts, and more. Everything we need to take your project from design specs to functional equipment.

To better serve our customers and fulfill our promise of quality, value, and timely delivery, D&R Custom Steel operates two shifts for a total of 21 hours per day (90 hours per week). All of our employees are highly skilled and fully trained to use our equipment safely and efficiently, and many have been with us for more than a decade—some even from the beginning.

Quality Management

With a service-driven approach that focuses on the customer’s requirements and timelines, D&R Custom Steel offers quality, value, and timely delivery. To ensure each custom steel fabrication is exactly what the client ordered and meets all relevant specifications, D&R employs a full-time, in-house quality assurance inspector. We also have our welders certified every two years by the Canadian Welding Board (CWB) in a variety of materials and techniques, and they are watched over by a certified welding supervisor and a certified welding engineer. Strict in-house quality standards are also in place.

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