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Services / Stainless Steel

Because it resists corrosion, rust, and water stains, stainless steel is ideal for water treatment equipment and other fabrications that might be exposed to water or corrosive conditions. Stainless steel also has antibacterial properties, making it ideal for water and air treatment, as well as material handling in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and similar industries. D&R Custom Steel Fabrication is a full-service stainless steel fabrication shop.

With over 40 years’ experience in custom steel fabrication and over 60 skilled, experienced, dedicated employees, D&R Custom Steel Fabrication offers a complete range of fabrication capabilities for stainless steel and other metals. Our customers typically turn to us to make and assemble complex systems, including those with electrical or mechanical components. These pieces leave our shop fully operational. Capabilities include:

  • High Definition Plasma, Laser, and Water-jet Cutting
  • Shearing, Punching, and Drilling
  • Machining
  • Finishing
  • Rolling and forming
  • Fitting and Welding
  • Sandblasting and Painting
  • Complete Test Assembly

D&R Custom Steel Fabrications has completed custom stainless steel fabrications for industries such as water treatment, air treatment, mining, and material handling. Example products include stacks, scrubbers, water screens, tanks, and custom fabrications for a variety of purposes.